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This page last updated 11 October 2009. Watch this SPACE - it's not the final frontier. The following are the key surnames being researched. Check out the index of names for the paternal line of the McGee family and the maternal line of the Cross family. If you are following up any of these surnames you can email me at [email protected] or please sign my Guestbook with your details and I will get back to you!

Ayrshire Maps of 1777 and extracts from Servants in Ayrshire by Jean Aitchison - http://www.freewebs.com/wheechmcgee/Ayr%201777.doc

Paternal Line - McGee/McGie (Ayrshire, Scotland), McCue (Glasgow, Scotland & Ireland), Collie (Aberdeenshire, Scotland), Caie (Nigg, Kincardineshire), Campbell (Kildalton, Islay), McAffer (Kildalton, Islay), Graham (Kildalton, Islay), Shields (Ayrshire, Scotland), Gillies (Ayrshire, Scotland), McChristie (Ayrshire, Scotland), Archibald (Ayrshire, Scotland), Allerdice (Ayrshire, Scotland), Dick (Ayrshire, Scotland), Geddies (Ayrshire, Scotland), Stewart (Ayrshire, Scotland).


Paternal Line - Family History Chart mcgeemccueweb.gno

Paternal Line - Names List familytree.ged

Maternal Line - Cross (Glasgow, Scotland), Campbell (Ireland), Peacock (Glasgow, Scotland), Falconer (Glasgow, Scotland & Ireland), Duffie (Glasgow, Scotland & Ireland), Downie (Glasgow, Airdrie, Scotland & Ireland), Duffin (Airdrie, Scotland & Ireland), Darling (Edinburgh, Scotland), Cockburn (Edinburgh, Scotland), Pallett (Hallside by Newton, Scotland, Cumberland, England & Ireland).

Maternal Line -  Family History Chart crossdownieweb.gno

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Note that the following only represents part of my McGee research - if you want to know more contact me at the email address above.


The Paternal Line – McGee Lineage (4th Generation)


John McGee (Great-grandfather 1893 - 1969)


John McGee was born on 9 April 1893 in Overton, Beith, Ayrshire to father David and mother Janet. It seems that John’s parents were estranged shortly after his birth and in 1901 census John, 8, was living with his grandmother Margaret McChristie at 55 Overton Rows, Dreghorn. His main occupation was that of railway passenger guard for the Glasgow & South Western Railway Coy, the LMS Railway Coy and British Rail based at Glasgow St. Enoch Station. John, 24, serving in the Gordon Highlanders during WW1, married wife Jessie Campbell on 29 January 1918 at Sandyford Parish Church, Partick, Glasgow and they lived at 20 Cleveland Street, Anderston, Glasgow. In the late 1920s the family moved to London Road, Glasgow, then, around 1934 to 94 Carnwardric Road, Glasgow. John and Jessie had 9 children. John, 75, died on 23 February 1969 of cardiac failure, arterial sclerosis and coronary insufficiency.


Jessie McGee nee Campbell (Great-grandmother 1895 - 1977)


Jessie Campbell was born on 12 December 1895 in Lagavulin, Kildalton, Islay, Argyllshire to father William and mother Jessie. In 1918, Jessie, 22, was living at 20 Cleveland Street, Anderston, Glasgow, working as a tramway car conductor and during the First World War was known to be one of the first female tramcar drivers, working out of Maryhill Tramcar Depot. Jessie married John above and they resided at 20 Cleveland Street, Anderston, Glasgow; London Road, Glasgow and later at 94 Carnwardric Road, Glasgow. Jessie, 82, died on 20 December 1977 at 90 Dickens Avenue, Clydebank at the home of daughter Janet due to cardiac thrombosis, cardiovascular degeneration and senility.


The Paternal Line – McGee Lineage (5th Generation)


David McGee (Great-great-grandfather 1856 – 1911)


David McGee was born on 10 June 1856 in Dreghorn, Ayrshire to father John and mother Annie.  In 1871 census David, 14, was residing with his parents at 14 Springhill Row, Dreghorn and working as a coal miner. In 1881 and 1891 Censuses he was still a coal miner; however, the family had moved to 13 Six Rows, Dreghorn. David, 46, married wife Janet on 10 June 1892 in Overton, Dreghorn, Ayrshire. David and wife Janet had a son John (b. 9 April 1893, Overton, Beith) and it is likely that they had 2 daughters prior to getting married; Margaret (b. 1887, Dreghorn) and Alexandra (b. 1891, Dreghorn). There was another daughter Janet Strachan McChristie McGee (b. 1895, Kilmarnock) but it appears that David and Janet were estranged shortly after John was born and it is not certain who daughter Janet’s father was. In 1901 census David, 41, a coalminer hewer, was boarding in 10 Portland Square, Hamilton with Mrs. Elizabeth Craig, 64, a widowed dressmaker. David, 55, died on 28 April 1911 in Kilmarnock and was buried in Dreghorn Cemetery along with his parents.


Janet McGee nee McChristie (Great-great-grandmother 1865 – 1936)


Janet McChristie was born on 23 February 1865 at Fardlehill, Ellerslie, Kilmaurs, Ayrshire to father William and mother Margaret. In 1881 census Janet, 16, was residing at Bridge End, Kilmarnock, employed as a servant to a Mr. Archibald Barr, a baker employing 3 men and 2 boys. In 1891 census Janet, 26, was back residing with her parents at 14 Warwickdale Row, Dreghorn and working as a general domestic servant. In the 1891 Census she had 2 daughters staying with her at the same address; Margaret M, 4, and Alexandria, 4 months. Janet, age 27, was married to husband David in Overton, Dreghorn, Ayrshire the following year on 10 June 1892, with her sister Jeanie as witness. The records also show that there was another daughter Janet Strachan McChristie McGee (b. 1895, Kilmarnock) Janet was still alive in 1918 when son John was married and had been working as a private maternity nurse. Janet, 71, died in 1936 in Uddingston, Bothwell, Lanarkshire, where her daughter Ally stayed.


William Campbell (Great-great-grandfather 1862 - 1929)


William Campbell was born on 3 November 1862 at Glasgow Road, Greenock, Renfrewshire to father John and mother Margaret. He married wife Jessie McAffer on 12 December 1894 at Camlachie, Glasgow and is likely to have lived in Lagavulin, Islay. He is recorded on daughter Jessie’s death certificate as working as a carter. There was another daughter Mary Campbell who acted as witness at Jessie’s wedding. There was also a son Archibald who lived for many years in Zambia and who died around 1977. William died aged 67 on 14 September 1929 and was buried at Kildalton, Islay.


Jessie Campbell nee McAffer (Great-great-grandmother 1870 - 1947)


Jessie McAffer was born on 14 December 1870 at Kildonan, Islay, Argyllshire to father Malcolm and mother Mary. In 1881 census Jessie, age 11, a scholar, was residing at Ballynaughton Farm, Islay with her parents and family. Jessie was recorded as a dairymaid when she married husband William in 1894 and had 2 sons, John and Malcolm, and 3 daughters Margaret, Jessie and Mary. Jessie died on 11 May 1947, aged 76, and was buried with her husband William in Kildalton, Islay.


The Paternal Line – McGee Lineage (6th Generation)


John McGee (Great-great-great-grandfather 1817 – 1891)


John McGee was born in Bankhouse, Dalry, Ayrshire on 26 April 1817 to father John and mother Janet. He was christened on 18 May 1817 in Church of Scotland, Dalry. In 1841 census there is a record of a John McGhie, age 25, working as an agricultural labourer at Crawford’s farm, Warranhill, Dalry, although it is not entirely certain if this was John. John married wife Ann Gibb Shields on 1 July 1844 in Kilbirnie, Ayrshire and the following is recorded in the Kilbirnie OPR (596/2/73), although the registrar’s spelling leaves much to be desired:-


July 1 1844 – John Magee and Ann Sheely in this parish.”


John and wife Ann had 10 known children; sons John (b. 1844, d. 21 December 1846, age 2 years, Dreghorn), John (b. 24 April 1847, Dreghorn, locomotive driver), James (b. 2 May 1849, Dreghorn, coalminer), Robert (b. 22 August 1851, ironstone miner / coalminer), David (b. 10 June 1856, Dreghorn, coalminer, d. 28 April 1911, Dreghorn), William (b. 29 November 1865, d. 5 October 1873, age 8, Dreghorn), Thomas (b. 30 April 1868, coalminer), daughters Ann (b. 18 January 1854, d. 30 June 1932), Jean (b. 26 November 1858) and Mary (b. 20 May 1861, housekeeper). John died, age 74, at 2.45pm on 29 November 1891 at Warwickhill Rows, Dreghorn suffering for several months with diarrhoea as registered by his son John.


Ann Gibb McGee nee Shields (Great-great-great-grandmother 1822 – 1890)


Ann Gibb Shields was born on 14 June 1822 in Beith, Ayrshire to father James and mother Ann. In 1841 census Ann, age 15, a cotton power loom weaver, was living with her mother Ann at Dregbuts, Kilbirnie. In 1841 she resided with her brother James Shields, age 5, who was also living with her in 1881 in Dreghorn. Ann was married to husband John in 1844 and they had 10 known children, residing mainly in Beith and Dreghorn, Ayrshire. Ann died on 4 November 1890, age 78, in Warwickhill Rows, Dreghorn of heart disease, which she had suffered for 18 months.


William McChristie (Great-great-great-grandfather 1836 – 1895)


William McChristie was born on 12 May 1836 in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire to father Alexander and mother Janet. William, age 24, married wife Margaret on 25 January 1861 in Kilmarnock and they stayed in Kilmaurs, Ayrshire. William and Margaret were known to have had 11 children; sons, Alexander (b. 2 November 1861, Kilmaurs, d. 12 February 1947, Coatbridge), William (b. 13 June 1867, Kilmaurs, died Kilmaurs in infancy, 1868), William (b. 10 April 1871, Kilmaurs, d. 1938, Stirling), James (b. 22 September 1873, Kilmaurs, d. 15 June 1942, Linton, Indiana, USA), Robert (b. 1878, Kilmaurs, d. 30 August 1952, Dreghorn), George (b. 1883, Kilmaurs, d. 21 January 1961, Illinois, USA); daughters, Isabella, (b. 4 August 1863, Kilmaurs, d. 4 April 1920, Bellshill), Janet (b. 23 February 1865, Kilmaurs),  Margaret (b. 12 August 1869, Kilmaurs, d. 1935, Kilmaurs), Jean Orr McChristie (b. 1875, Kilmaurs, d. 1935, Beith), Mary (b. 1881, Kilmaurs, d. 1948, Harvey, Illinois, USA). In 1881 census William, age 45, a coalminer, and Margaret were residing at ‘McChristie’s Land’ in Kilmaurs, the land being owned by his half-brother John McChristie. In 1891 census William and Margaret were residing at 14 Warwickdale Row, Dreghorn, Ayrshire and William, age 55, was recorded as a coalminer. In 1891 William and Margaret had sons William, James, Robert (all coalminers), George (scholar), daughter Janet (general domestic servant) and granddaughters Margaret M and Alexandria G McChristie residing with them. William, age 58, died in Dreghorn in 1895.


Margaret McChristie nee Allerdice (Great-great-great-grandmother 1838 – 1913)


Margaret Allerdice was born on 10 January 1838 in Kilwinning, Ayrshire to father Alexander and mother Isabella. She was christened on 18 February 1838 in Kilwinning, Ayrshire. In 1841 census, Margaret, age 3, lived with her parents at High Row, Fergushill, Kilwinning. Margaret, age 23, married husband William in 1861 in Kilmarnock and they were known to have had 11 children. In 1891 census, age 53, she was residing in Dreghorn, having previously stayed in Kilmaurs. In 1901 census Margaret, age 63, a widow resided at 55 Overton Rows, Dreghorn with her sons James, Robert, George (all coalminer hewers), niece Margaret McChristie, age 14, and nephew John McGee, age 7, scholar. Margaret died, age 75, at Southhook Cottage, Dreghorn on 10 March 1913.


John Campbell (Great-great-great-grandfather 1825 – 18??)


John Campbell was born on 4 August 1825 in Taland, Kildalton, Islay, Argyllshire to father Charles and mother Mary. John, age 28, was married to wife Margaret on 1 December 1857 in the Church of Scotland in Kildalton, Islay. John had a daughter Christina in 1860 in Kildalton, Islay who died of phthisis, an old medical name for tuberculosis, on 22 July 1873, age 13, in Port Ellen, Islay. John had a son William in Glasgow Road, Greenock, Renfrewshire on 3 November 1862 and John was recorded as a labourer.


Margaret Campbell nee Graham (Great-great-great-grandmother 1827 – 1900)


Margaret Graham was born 29 September 1827 in Kildalton, Islay, Argyllshire to father Henry and mother Douglass. Margaret, 27, was married to husband John in 1857 and they resided in Greenock, Renfrewshire, with daughter Christina born in 1860 and son William born in 1862. Margaret, 71, died in 1900 in Milton, Glasgow.


Malcolm McAffer (Great-great-great-grandfather 1846 – 1922)


Malcolm McAffer was born around 1846 in Kildalton, Islay, Argyllshire to father Angus and mother Isabella. In 1851 census Malcolm, 6, was living with his family at Ballynaughton Farm, Kildalton, which was owned by a Peter McIntyre. In 1860 census Malcolm, 14, who could read and write at the time, resided at Surnaig, Kildalton with his parents Angus and Isabella. Malcolm, 23, was recorded as a shepherd when he married wife Mary on 14 December 1868 in the Church of Scotland at Kildalton, Islay. Malcolm and Isabella had 9 known children; daughters Mary, (b. 18 March 1868), Jessie (b. 14 December 1870, Lagavullin, Kildalton), Marion (b. 19 May 1872), Isabella (b. 1875), Margaret (b. 1876), Christina (b. 1878) and sons John (b. 19 October 1869), Archibald (b. 29 August 1873) and Angus (b. 1880). In 1881 census Malcolm, 35, was working as the shepherd at Ballynaughton Farm, Islay with wife Mary, 38, sons John, 12, scholar, Archibald, 8, scholar, Angus, 6 months, daughters, Mary, 13, scholar, Jessie, 11, scholar, Marion, 9, scholar, Bella, 6, scholar, Maggie, 5, scholar and Christina, 3. Malcolm, 75, died in 1922 in Bowmore, Islay. A Certificate of Long Service hangs up in Lagavulin Distillery for 52 years served by Malcolm on the farm at Lagavulin Distillery.


Mary McAffer nee Ferguson (Great-great-great-grandmother 1841 – 1918)


Mary Ferguson was born on 4 September 1841 in Portnahaven, Islay, Argyllshire to father Archibald and mother Marion. Mary, 24, married husband Malcolm in 1868 and they were known to have had 9 children; daughters, Mary, Jessie, Marion, Isabella, Margaret, Christina; sons, John, Archibald and Angus. In 1881 census Mary, 38, was residing with husband Malcolm at Ballynaughton Farm; also staying with them was Mary’s brother Duncan Ferguson, 26, a maltman at Lagavulin Distillery. Mary, 73, died in 1918 in Lagavulin, Kildalton, Islay.


The Paternal Line (7th Generation)


John McGee (Great-great-great-great-grandfather 1782 - 1861)


John McGee (or McGie) was born in Ayrshire around 1782 to father David and mother Margaret. John was married to Janet or Jean Archibald and he worked as a collier residing in Dalry and Beith, Ayrshire. John and Jean had at least 10 known children; sons David (b. 19 June 1803 Coalhill, Dalry), William (b. 16 March 1813, Coalhill, Dalry), John (b. 26 April 1817 Bankhouse, Dalry), Robert (17 June 1821 Barkip, Dalry), daughters Agnes (b. 19 May 1805 Coalhill, Dalry), Margaret (b. 21 May 1809 Coalhill, Dalry), Jean (b. 26 April 1811, Patrickhead, Dalry), Mary (b. 28 January 1815, Barkip, Dalry, may have died in infancy), Janet (b. 17 June 1820, Broadstone, Beith) and Mary Raeside McGhee (b. 20 September 1828, Broadstone, Beith).


The following entry is recorded in the Old Parish Records 587/2 for Dalry:


 “John McGie in Bankhouse had a lawful son called John born 26th April, baptised 18th May 1817.” FR323


In 1841 census John, 59, working as a coal miner, is recorded living with wife Jannet (sic) at Gatehead Colliery, Kilmaurs, Ayrshire. In 1841 census there is a record of a Mary McGee, 15, a female servant, residing at Bone’s farm, Laigh Smithaton, Maybole. In 1861 census John, 79, was still living in Kilmaurs. John, 79, died at 6.30am on 10 May 1861 at Main Street, Kilbirnie of hydro-thorax as registered by his son-in-law Alexander Fyfe, who was married to John’s daughter Mary (m. 30 September 1853, Kilbirnie).


Janet McGee nee Archibald (Great-great-great-great-grandmother 1785 – 1855)


Janet, aka Jean, Archibald was born in Ayrshire around 1785. The following is recorded in the 1782 Kilbirnie OPR (596/1/195), however, this has yet to be confirmed:-


“Jean laul Daur to William Archibald in Kegle of Lochwinnoch and Agness Logan; May 5.” (1782)


She married husband John and they were known to have had 10 children, residing in Dalry and Beith, Ayrshire. In 1841 census Jannet (sic), 55, is recorded living with husband John at Gatehead Colliery, Kilmaurs, Ayrshire. On her daughter Mary’s death certificate in 1886 Jean was shown as deceased by then. It is likely that Jean, 70, died in 1855 in Ayr, although this has still to be confirmed.


James Shields (Great-great-great-great-grandfather)


James Shields was born around 1790 and resided in the area of Beith, Ayrshire, working as a stone mason. James was married to wife Ann Gillies on 7 February 1818 in Beith. James had 6 known children; daughters Mary, (b. 30 March 1818), Elizabeth (b. 1820), Ann Gibb Shields (b. 14 June 1822), Margrat (sic) (b. 1831), Janet (b. 1836) and son James (b. 1836).


The following entry is recorded in the Old Parish Records 581/3 for Beith:


 “Shields, Ann Gibb, lawful daughter to James Shields mason in town and Ann Gillies, his spouse born June 14, baptised 23.” (1822)


James may have died before 1841 census as he is not recorded living with wife Ann who is recorded then at Dregbuts, Kilbirnie and he was certainly dead before 1860 as recorded on wife Ann’s death certificate.


Ann Shields nee Gillies (Great-great-great-great-grandmother 1795 – 1860)


Ann Gillies was born around 1795 in Beith or possibly Stewarton, Ayrshire, to father James Gillies and mother Ann Gibb. Ann, 23, was married to husband James in 1818 in Beith. Ann was known to have had at least 6 children residing in Beith, Ayrshire. In 1841 census Ann, 40, working as a cotton winder, was recorded living at Dregbuts, Kilbirnie with daughters Ann, 15, cotton power loom weaver, Margrat (sic), 10, flax yarn twister, Janet, 5, and son James, also 5, possibly twins. Ann may also have had a sister Margaret Gillies married to David McGee, brother of John McGee. Ann, 65, died at 2am on 5 October 1860 at Dennyholm, Kilbirnie, Ayrshire having suffered pneumonia for 4 days.


Alexander McChristie (Great-great-great-great-grandfather 1787 – 18??)


Alexander McChristie was probably born in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire around 1787. Alexander, a coalcutter, married first wife Grizzal, or Grizel, Reyburn on 1 December 1809 in Kilmarnock and they were known to have had 6 children; daughters Elizabeth (b. 20 December 1809, d. 29 May 1868, Crosshouse), Margaret (b. 13 April 1812, d. before 1817 in infancy), Janet (b. 27 July 1814, d. after 1851), Margaret (b. 21 January 1817, d. 15 March 1861 Riccarton), sons John (b. 17 October 1819, d. 13 November 1878) and James (b. 17 October 1821, d. 16 August 1871). Alexander’s first wife Grizzal is likely to have died before 1826 and Alexander married second wife Janet on 29 December 1826 in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire and they had 6 known children; sons Robert (b. 10 July 1830, Blairston, Kilmarnock), Alexander (b. 16 March 1832, Kilmarnock), William (b. 12 May 1836, Kilmarnock), daughters Agnes (b. 21 December 1827), Marion (b. 31 January 1829) and Mary (b. 14 May 1833, Kilmarnock). It is believed that Alexander died before 1851.


Janet McChristie nee Andrew (Great-great-great-great-grandmother 18?? – 1876)


Janet Andrew was probably born around 1800 in Ayrshire. Janet married first husband James Young and they had a daughter Isabella. Janet married second husband Alexander in 1826 and they had 6 known children; Robert, Alexander, William, Agnes, Marion and Mary in Kilmarnock. Janet is believed to have died in 1876.


Alexander Allerdice (Great-great-great-great-grandfather 1808 – 1872)


Alexander Allerdice was born on 11 October 1808 in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire to father William and mother Ann. Alexander married his first wife, Mary Love (b. 1809, Dreghorn) on 1 November 1829 in Irvine, Ayrshire and they had a son William (b. 29 September 1830, Irvine, died in Irvine in infancy, 11 February 1831). It is likely that Mary also died around 1831 as Alexander remarried his second wife Isabella on 8 December 1833 in Kilwinning, Ayrshire. Alexander and Isabella were known to have had 8 children; sons, William (b. 24 October 1834, Kilwinning), James (b. 6 April 1849, Kilwinning), Alexander (30 June 1857, Kilwinning); daughters, Mary Stewart Allerdice (b. 24 July 1836, Kilwinning), Margaret (b. 10 January 1838, Kilwinning), Ann (2 February 1840, Kilwinning), Isabella (b. 2 April 1843, Kilwinning) and Agnes (b. 28 April 1846). In 1841 census Alexander, age 30, working as a coal miner, is recorded living at High Row, Fergushill, Kilwinning, with wife Isabella, 25, son William, 6, daughters Mary Stewart, 4, Margaret, 3, and Ann, 1. Alexander, age 63, died in 1872 in Kilmaurs, Ayrshire.

Isabella Allerdice nee Dick (Great-great-great-great-grandmother 1808 – 1876)


Isabella Dick was born on 17 February 1808 in Kilwinning, Ayrshire, to father John and mother Mary. Isabella was married to husband Alexander in 1833 and they resided in Kilwinning, Ayrshire, where they were known to have had 8 children. Isabella, age 76, died in 1876 in Kilmaurs, Ayrshire.


Charles Campbell (Great-great-great-great-grandfather 1782 - 1875)


Charles Campbell was born around 1782 in Kildalton, Islay, Argyllshire to father Dugald and mother Christina. Charles, age 27, married wife Mary on 31 January 1815 in Kilarrow, Islay, Argyllshire and they had 7 known children; sons John (b. 7 January 1816, Taland, probably died in infancy), Dugall (b. 3 December 1817, Curalach), Alexander (b. 17 February 1823, Cruach), John (b. 4 August 1825, Taland), Duncan (b. 18 June 1838, Kildalton). They also had daughters Catherine (b. 11 May 1820, Cruach) and Margaret (b. 23 June 1831, Kildalton). Charles died, age 93; on 4 March 1875 in Port Ellen, Islay, Argyllshire of bronchitis and his death was registered by son John.


Mary Campbell nee Sinclair (Great-great-great-great-grandmother 1795 - 1871)


Mary Sinclair was born around 1795 in Kildalton, Islay to father John and mother Catherine.  There is a christening record of a Mary Sinklar on 1 June 1797 in Island Texa, Kildalton, Islay to father John. Mary married husband Charles in 1815 and was known to have had 5 sons and 2 daughters including son John in 1825. Mary died, age 76, 14 December 1871 in Port Ellen, Islay, Argyllshire of asthma and her death was registered by her granddaughter Mary Campbell.


Henry Graham (Great-great-great-great-grandfather 1799 - 1870)


Henry, aka Hendry or Harry, Graham was born around 1799 in Kildalton, Islay, Argyllshire to father Samual (sic) and mother Catherine. Henry,  30, an agricultural labourer, married wife Douglass on 1 March 1825 in Kilarrow or Kilchoman, Islay, Argyllshire and they were known to have had 9 children; sons John (b. 29 November 1825), William (b. 26 October 1832), Archibald (b. 12 January 1835, d. 1904), Angus (b. 12 July 1837, may have died in infancy), Neil (b. 7 May 1840), Alexander (b. 29 August 1844, d. 1907), daughters Margaret (b. 29 September 1827), Catherine (b. 30 October 1830, d. 1908) and Isobel (b. 8 March 1842). In 1841 census, recorded as Hendry, 40, he was residing in Gruinard, Islay with wife Douglass, 35, and 4 children; daughter Catherine, 10, sons William, 8, Archibald, 6, and Neil, 1. Harry died, 71, 4 April 1870 in Gruinard, Kilchoman, Islay of chronic bronchitis and his death was registered by his widow, Douglass.


Douglass Graham nee White or Whyte (Great-great-great-great-grandmother 1807 – 1881)


Douglass White or Whyte was born around 1807 in Bowmore, Islay to father William and mother Margaret. Douglass married husband Henry in 1825 in Kilarrow or Kilchoman and they were known to have had 9 children. In 1841 census, Douglass, 35, was living with husband Henry in Gruinard, Islay. Douglass was still residing in Gruinard in 1870 as she registered the death of husband Henry that year. In 1857 in the Church of Scotland record of her daughter Margaret’s marriage she is recorded as Douglas Sinclair (given name of mother underlined to indicate it is transcribed correctly)”. In 1881 census Douglass, a widow recorded as 86, more likely 76, was residing at No2 Cottars House, Kilchoman with daughters Catherine, 53, outdoor worker, Isabella Bonner, a widow 36, outdoor worker and grandchildren Jessie, Angus, John, Neil and Bella. Douglass died, 74, at 6am at Carnduncan, Kilchoman on 17 August 1881 as registered by daughter Catherine.


Angus McAffer (Great-great-great-great-grandfather 1812 – 1895)


Angus McAffer (or McCaffer or McCaffie) was born around 1812 in Kildalton, Islay to father Findlay and mother Margaret; there is a christening record on the Kildalton OPR for 5 July 1812. Angus married first wife Isabella on 18 August 1838 in Kildalton, Islay and they had 5 known children; daughters Betty, aka Betsey (b. 14 July 1839, Kildalton), Margaret, aka Peggy (b. 1 January 1843, Kildalton), sons John (b. 14 March 1841, Kildalton), Malcolm (b. 1 April 1845, Kildalton) and Archibald (b. 1847, Kildalton). In 1851 census Angus, age 36, an agricultural labourer, was living at a Peter McIntyre’s farm at Ballynaughton, Kildalton with wife Isabella, 44, daughters Betty, 12, Peggy, 8, sons John, 10, Malcolm, 6, and Archibald, 4. In 1860 census Angus, age 48, a farm servant, was recorded as having 5 living children, he owned a bible and he could read with difficulty. Angus was residing at Surnaig, Kildalton with wife Isabella, 56, daughter Margaret, 16, sons Malcolm and Archibald, both shown as 14. Angus, age 53, a shepherd, was still alive when he registered his wife Isabella’s death on 6 March 1871 and he went on to marry his second wife Christina Sinclair, age 34, (b. 1841, Kildalton to father Peter Sinclair and mother Catherine Sinclair) on 25 May 1871 in the Church of Scotland at Kildalton. In 1881 census Angus, age 68, an agricultural labourer, was residing at Lagavullin House with wife Christina, age 40, and their 2 daughters; Bella, age 6, scholar, and Christina, age 4, scholar. Archibald Jamieson, age 17, an agricultural labourer, was recorded residing there also as Angus’ grandson. Angus, age 83, a shepherd, died at 7pm on 5 January 1895 at Ballynaughton, Kildalton of chronic rheumatoid arthritis as registered by son Malcolm.


Isabella McAffer nee Campbell (Great-great-great-great-grandmother 1802 - 1871)


Isabella, aka Issabell or Bell or Bella, Campbell was born 17 February 1802 in Baileneil, Kildalton, Islay, Argyllshire to father Malcolm and mother Bathia, aka Betty or Betsy. Isabella married husband Angus in 1838 and they had 5 known children in Kildalton. In 1841 census Isabella, age 30, was residing at Kintour, Kildalton with her father Malcolm and had daughter Betty, age 2, and son John, age 1 month, with her. In 1851 census Isabella, age 44, resided at Ballynaughton Farm with husband Angus and in 1860 census Isabella, age 56, who could read with difficulty, resided at Surnaig, Kildalton with Angus. Isabella died at 8.10pm on 6 March 1871, age 67, in Lagavulin, Islay as certified by her husband Angus.


Archibald Ferguson (Great-great-great-great-grandfather)


Archibald Ferguson was likely to have been born around 1820 in Kilchoman, Islay. Archibald married wife Marion and they had 3 known children; daughters Christian (b. 30 November 1839, Portnahaven), Mary (b. 4 September 1841, Portnahaven), Ann (b. 22 March 1846, Portnahaven).


Marion Ferguson nee McLellan (Great-great-great-great-grandmother)


Marion Ferguson was likely to have been born around 1820 in Kilchoman, Islay. Marion married husband Archibald and they had 3 known daughters; Christian, Mary and Ann.