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This is the original flyer for "Wheech McGee" © McCormick kindly donated to me by Malky McCormick and from that day I have been affectionately 'stuck' with the nom-de-plum. Being recently retired from railway accounting my colleagues arranged for me to be caricatured by the Great Malky himself in his studio as a retirement gift - it was such a great honour!


"Wheech McGee" © McCormick was a cartoon strip published in the Glasgow Evening Times back in the 1980s, which followed on from the successful strip "The Big Yin", based on Billy Connolly, the well-known Scottish comedian, which appeared in the Daily Record and Sunday Mail. Malky McCormick remains one of Scotland's greatest cartoonists, following such greats as Bud Neill (Lobey Dosser), Ewen Bain (Angus Og) and Dudley D Watkins (Oor Wullie & The Broons).